Shape the future of your business

Our purpose is to search beyond customers' needs today to accelerate what’s next and make a difference for others, our company and Africa.

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Business Automation
Re-imagine your business models, products and customer experiences to drive new value
Operations Automation
Re-invent and manage your most essential business processes with new ways of working
Systems Automation
Designed to optimize the infrastructures that are the backbone of your business
Our mission is to put you in control

Solving real world problems

Riskgratis is a software solution provider based in Lagos, and has now been established for over ten years with one major goal- to provide solutions that make your life easier.

We focus on implementing, creating, and supporting business management solutions for businesses of all sizes. We put business processes into a central system allowing you to improve efficiency.

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Let’s advance every aspect of your business with technology.

Technology must advance your business, not only support it. Together, we can make;

your products more intuitive

Your customer experiences more extraordinary

Your people more impactful

Your processes more streamlined

And your systems more powerful

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Staying on top of things is a lot easier

Our work enables streamlined processes and collaboration across departments.

Allowing for complete clarity across the board – be that sales, inventory, supply chain or accounting. With each process being managed from the same application, analysing and reporting becomes thorough and accessible.

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Make adaptability your advantage. In today’s world, success hinges on adapting to what comes next.

Large Enterprise

Riskgratis helps with you the insight to drive strategy, the agility to adapt, and the efficiency to achieve your goals..

AI and Data Analytics

Change drives business today. To keep up, you must understand the data that matter and unlock its value.